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The AOC Languedoc-Saint-Drézéry appellation has strict production rules. The grapes grow on land parcels identified by the producers and approved by the INAO.

The 1985 decree

Of the 168 communes making up the AOC Languedoc, only Saint-Drézéry is entitled to produce AOC Languedoc-Saint-Drézéry labelled wines.

Grape varieties Red wines :

Principal grapes

  • Grenache N
  • Mourvèdre N
  • Syrah N

Complementary grapes

  • Carignan N
  • Cinsault N

Blend of grapes

The wines must result from blending grapes, grape must or wines, from at least 2 principal grape varieties, one of which must be Syrah N.
One variety must not represent more than 80% of the blend
The principal grapes must make up the majority of the blend

Alcohol levels : Grapes for the wines must be picked when well mature and alcohol levels must be over 12.5 %

Yields : Saint-Drézéry yields must not exceed 40hctolitres per hectare for red wines and 45 hectolitres per hectare for rosé wines

When production from young vines can be used : The benefit of an AOC Languedoc label may only be granted when young vines have reached their 8th year for Carignan N and the 5th year for the other varieties.

Planting density per hectare : The minimum density is 4 400 plants per hectare

Vine pruning : The vines must be hard pruned with a maximum of 10  buds per stem. Each spur may only have 2 buds.

Maturing : The red wines must mature until at least 15th August of the year following the harvest.