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Local products

La croix Saint-Roch at Saint Seriès

Home produced olive oil made in the mill of Villevieille.

The domaine de la Triballe at Guzargues

Organic vegetables and honey.

The caveau of the celliers of the Val des Pins at Sussargues

A range of different local products based on grapes, olives and honey.

Mouthwatering goodies from Sommières

Chocolate with pralines, ganaches, orange zest, fruit purées … this chocolate confectioner will transport you into his rich, mouthwatering universe with its aromas of caramel and almonds.  Since 1963 the Courtin patisserie has been completely dedicated to enlivening your fêtes, your family feasts and truly wicked desserts.

From the Cévennes to the Camargue at Sommières

A treasure house full of delights from the Sommières terroir : just what you need to thrill your family and friends as they discover the riches of our land.

  • Des Cévennes à la Camargue
  • Tel: +33(0)4 66 71 21 15
The Huilerie Blanc at Saint Geniès des Mourgues
The Cornues goat herd at Saint Jean de Cornies

Goats’ milk products are on sale from a herd which roams freely around the land, grazing on the natural, wild plants. You can visit the farm too.