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Events around wine

Viavino at Saint Christol

Viavino is the region’s first and only centre dedicated to wine tourism. Reflecting the colours, makeup, countryside and heritage of the Pays de Lunel, Viavino also stresses ecological responsibility, being committed to environmental respect and sustainability. Its mission : to help you enjoy discovering the world of wines and vines in different ways. A restaurant, tasting room, flavor workshops, an aromatic garden, a museum, tourist office … all are designed to plunge you into the heart of viticulture. Guided visits led by a qualified oenologue will lead you on a journey of discovering various grape varieties, the secrets of the centre’s architecture and much more !

  • Viavino - 34400 Saint-Christol
  • Tel. : + 33 (0)4 67 83 45 65
A wine and tasting trail – Domaine Ellul-Ferrières

A journey of discovery into the fascinating world of wine and the skill of producing it. Wine producers. Sylvie and Gilles Ellul, have developed a fascinating visit around the Domaine Ellul-Ferrières which they have created on the Castries terroir On the programme :  a visit to the vineyard : grape varieties, working and managing the vineyard, cultivation, technical choices a vigneron must  make depending on the style of wine envisaged, visit to the vinification cellar : the stages involved in creating a wine, tasting initiating : understanding tasting steps, full tasting lesson around 3 wines.

  • Domaine Ellul-Ferrières - 34160 Castries
  • Tel. : (+33) (0)
  • 20 €/pers.
Domaine Saint-Jean de l’Arbousier

Beginners or enthusiasts can discover different grape varieties and the character of the domaine Saint Jean de l’Arbousier wines during an introduction to tasting led by a professional. The tasting room is open daily from 9 – 12 am, and 3 – 7 pm. True believers in wine tourism, the domaine also organises various events all through the year : an arts & crafts market, competition of horse drawn vehicles, wine based rambles, wine fair.

  • Domaine Saint Jean de l’arbousier - 34160 Castries
  • Tel. : 04 67 87 04 13 ou 06 15 74 17 56

Around Saint-Drézéry

Mas des Cabres at Aspères

Four generations of vignerons have succeeded each other here since 1724. Situated half way between Nïmes and Montpellier, the vineyard and cellars have recently been transformed so as to produce vintages as tasty as they are different. Then ‘wine for dummies’ is a ramble through the vines where different aromas and tastes will excite all your senses.

Domaine de Massereau at Sommières

Massereau has evolved constantly since its acquisition in 1804, and is now in the vanguard of regional agriculture. It’s always been a special place for vines, once much enjoyed by the English crown. Nowadays, Arnaud Freychet will welcome you on a visit to his domaine which will be memorable for the tasting of rich, fruity wines.